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This question is about "Previously reliable internet has gone to....heck.", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I know many of you are much more technical than me so I may not be able to provide everything you ask but I'm looking for ideas/help/suggestions. Spectrum support doesn't seem able to help. Here's my saga so far.....

My Ubee and connection were ok – never up to the speed I was paying for - but serviceable enough for most of my needs (general wifi, working from home periodically and home automation...not much of a gamer so...). Have been (like so many) working from home steadily since March. I am fortunate to have a a cisco vpn router and phone supplied by my employer for connectivity to work network only. A few months ago I’d added a Meshforce (two unit) system trying to get stronger wifi signal in other parts of the house but it only helped a little. Probably several problems with my setup (like competing routers - ubee and meshforce) but I was blissfully (ish) not worried.

Then I got a neighbor (house had been empty next door for awhile) and as soon as the Spectrum dude opened the hatch across the street to set them up, my connection went down hard. Of course he wouldn’t help me (!!) and I had to wait a couple of days for another tech.

In the meantime my signal went up and down and getting any work done was difficult. I found a pattern of it being generally okay in the morning then crash, rinse and repeat in the afternoon. The tech that finally came decided the line running under the street to my house was bad (reading through the posts here this seems a commonly blamed cultprit) so three more workdays(!!!) and some guys showed up and claimed to have replaced it. (I remain skeptical as they weren’t here very long but I was busy and not outside watching them).

It was up when they left, crashed a couple of hours later. A few more days and another tech comes out. Says line is ok but I need signal booster as signal is low. Booster is just plugged in to a plug on the outside wall. I remembered there used to be one there before but when the house was pressure cleaned it blew it out and the tech that came didn't replace it. I expect another good bout of weather and it could happen again. But anwyay....

He suggested replacing the Ubee with the Hitron modem to eliminate any conflict with the Meshforce and when we checked speed it was better….still not what I pay for….but better. Within a couple of days, it all started again….down and up. I got someone at Spectrum who suggested I do a reset using the button on the front and claimed it would do more than a regular reboot (unplug/plug) and he sent down a clear and….magically things were better for a couple of days. And I, like a fool, canceled a tech appointment that had been scheduled.

Within a week all goes to hell again and the modem crashes over and over. I’m watching the dang thing even while Spectrum dude on the phoneis telling me it is not going down. AND their website says there’s an outage in my area but Spectrum phone dude says there is no current incident.

After a few hours of the down/up modem, it seems to steady out but I still can’t get wireless (so my whole house is useless…alarm system down, can’t turn lights on and off, can’t control thermostat remotely, am paying cell minute overages and worst of all, can’t effectively do my job). As there is only one Ethernet connection out of modem, I have Meshforce main router connected there and the Cisco connected to Meshforce. After resetting everything I about a hundred times, I unplug the Meshforce completely and plug Cisco right into Hitron modem and *presto* I’m back on vpn and phone is back up and I can work. GREAT! BUT….I still have no home wireless.

Spectrum is supposed to send someone in five days (they’re making me cray cray with their slow responses) and I’m not going to cancel it…but I can’t figure out why my Meshforce, which had been working fine, will no longer connect? Any thoughts? Suggestions? Would a much better modem (my purchase) fix this somehow? Is daisy chaining the routers the best/only way to have home wireless AND cisco vpn?

Appreciate any help.

Previously reliable internet has gone to....heck.?

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