Price Points: Pay TV Risks Losing Gen Y


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From The Article:
If basic cable programmers are in fear of losing young customers due to soaring cable subscription prices, premium-priced pay television programmers could be at greater risk.

A new study says pay TV programmers are at risk of losing young TV viewers/consumers 18-29 -- so-called Generation Ys, about 70 million strong -- due to growing price sensitivities for all kinds of subscription television. Pay-TV networks monthly prices are added on top of existing packages for basic cable programming channels.

A study by independent research group for Ideas & Solutions!, a marketing consultancy, says 69% of the on-the-fence young cable customers, classified as "at-risk" responders, and 61% of those described as "leaners," say the expense of pay-TV networks is the main reason they would consider discontinuing their service.
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I'm waiting for the day when cable *lowers* their pricing. I want to see the premium channels cut back. It's just insane what HBO and Showtime charge.