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While researching for an article, I came across this picture.

A DirecTV dish on a shoddy mobile home, which begs the question - What the hell is wrong with people and their priorities? I am sure (after reading the original article) this is in a location that gets OTA broadcast TV. DirecTV has to cost a minimum of $50 a month, and I'm willing to bet it is more than that. I'm picturing the owner as an unshaven sports fan, in a stained wife beater, watching DirecTV Premiere with NFL Sunday ticket.

$600 to $1500 a year can buy some nice stuff. Or a lot of Milwaukee's Best beer and meth. Hey maybe they can't ever afford a mansion and a yacht, but they could at least aspire to a nicer trailer or a nicer trailer park. Or a better brand of beer.
You can't judge a person's priorities based on just a picture. People are profoundly different, inside and out. Thank God we all have different priorities!

My favorite verse from possibly my favorite song:

This Land Is Your Land
As I went walking I saw a sign there
And on the sign it said "No Trespassing."
But on the other side, it didn't say nothin',
That side was made for you and me.



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Well, Rick, I used to live in a mobile home park, too. I bought the place cheap and actually flipped it for a profit after fixing it up and living there a few years. My neighbors did run the gamut from the drunken single mom welfare crack ho (like the one from whom I bought my trailer!) to nice retired couples with well kept homes and lots who could afford a few niceties like DirecTV.

To each his own. But I would think even a crack ho would prefer a better brand of beer - or more crack.


No use in judging people... Maybe it IS his priority, and then what? I guess this forum is the place for people who like to watch... things... The owner of that house just took his passion to the next level!
To each his own. But I would think even a crack ho would prefer a better brand of beer - or more crack.
You know, Pogi, I'm all in favor of judging people, but honestly you're associating this person with a crack ho based on one picture?

I would like to suggest another possibility more common than crack ho's or people so rich they love to throw money away. I would suggest there is a large group of people with physical problems that leave them with so little energy they view the world from a TV set. I think this is far more common than healthy people can imagine. I think this explains most of those "Hoarders" you see on cable.

Physical energy is a lot like profit in a corporation. It's a very small percentage of the overhead. Most of the energy we use goes into creating heat. Then there all the other bodily functions. What's left over is what we get to use consciously. If there nothing left over, you're in a coma. But a small change in overall health brings a huge change in conscious level energy, just as a small change in overhead can wipe out profits in any business (or even put it in the red).

Anyhow, that's my theory, and I'm stickin' to it. Go to a doctor and complain about fatigue -- just see how far you get. I think about 20% of the population is severely energy deprived, most without even knowing it, because they never experienced optimal health. They literally don't have the energy to socialize very much, or travel, or even set up a computer like I did to see a few extra channels. They might really need cable more than a better mobile home.

I have one friend who doesn't invest in the stock market...he fixes up mobile homes that he buys off folks moving out for one reason or another, then sells them to new folks. All ages who just want their own place. He does pack a pretty big sidearm or two for some of his clientele (he also provides a rent-to-own deal that sometimes folks don't want to pay). For every family like that though, he has decent folks who keep him involved in the business. I'll have to turn him on to "enabling" his clients with FOTA services to save money!