Privacy Breach! Need Escalation ASAP or contacting attorney! - DirecTV

To whom It May Concern,

I have been on the phone with AT&T for over 3 hours now, and my anxiety level is through the roof! I have been living in the same home for over 12 years, and yet somehow AT&T has my billing address listed in a different location. I never noticed this until I decided to switch from U-Verse to DIrectTV and received an email to send my equipment back, that had my name and a foreign address attached to my account number! The surprise increases in my U-Verse bill were never explained, and I have confirmed my correct address with every single phone call I have made to AT&T! I was transferred today to about 12 different agents, some of them managers, who kept referring me to different departments in order to figure out how or why my address was changed without my permission! Nobody can explain this to me, not even the fraud department! The most that customer service did was give me a $25 inconvenience credit and told me to write an email to the executive complaint department that doesn't seem to exist! I don't know what else to do. I am very concerned about the length of time that has passed that AT&T has been sending my personal information to the wrong address! This is a major major breach of my privacy! I expect way more from this company, you are way too huge to be making these types of errors! Please contact me ASAP or I will be contacting an attorney!

Arln Vartanian

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