Problem using the McAfee security software provided by Spectrum - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Problem using the McAfee security software provided by Spectrum", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. If anyone out there is using the anti-spam feature on the McAfee software provided by Spectrum I need some help setting it up to filter my RR webmail.

When I try to add my RR account information into the webmail rules section it appears to accept the information but it never gets added to the list. It may be I am entering the wrong info in the boxes but it does not give any error message when I click "apply".

I am entering the following:

In the webmail address box I assumed they meant the webmail login URL which I believed to be "", however whatever I type into this box is automatically repeated in the "user name" box, so I'm not sure what it's really asking for since I did not think the webmail address and user name were the same thing. The other boxes I filled in per the instructions on the spectrum FAQ page:

  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Incoming Server –IMAP port: 993

If I could get the software to accept the account info it looks like it may help with the spam because it appears to have a lot of customizable rules you can use for filtering.

I understand gmail has some type of spam filtering feature, but If possible I would prefer not to switch, since outside of the spam issue I have not had any other real problems with the RR email.

Problem using the McAfee security software provided by Spectrum?

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