Problem with DTV HR24 input going bad - DirecTV

I have an HR24/100 with a cable input that is going bad. From time to time, when I turn on the receiver and TV, I get a "no input" message." At first I thought it was a bad cable, so I replaced the cable from my SWM to my HR24. But now I find the problem is the actual connector on the box (I can just move it slightly and my signal comes back). I've done a box and SWM reset without improvement. The problem is getting more frequent and harder to fix.

I see the HR24 has a "satellite in-2" connector on the back. Is it possible for me to use this input instead of the failing "satellite in-1" connector? I tried using the sat in-2 but couldn't get it to work--a congifuration issue?

Anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks!