Problem with H24 and SL3-SWM set-up - DirecTV

I originally wanted a mobile system to take in my RV around the USA and when the AT&T Service tech arrived with equipmen to attach to the house I said "Whoa, this is not what I requested." I was left a Slimline Dish and the single output LNB that attaches to the arm extention and he suggested I contact Winegard for the receiver. A couple of days later I purchased a H24 receiver from Winegard and set-up a mobile Direct TV account through them.

Last weekend while on the road, I placed my satellite dish on the portable mount I built and connected it to the receiver. After 2-3 hours of making adjustments to line up the dish at 49-elevation, 103 dgree tilt, 151 degrees azimuth, and never finding a signal I gave up and disconnected everything. I got zero for all transponders.

Here again today I am back home and trying to set my satellite dish for 48 degrees-elevation, 139 degrees-azimuth with no success. Perhaps I am selecting the wrong LNB choice in the set-up menu. This is getting frustrating but I have the patience of Job when it comes to these things.