problem with RCA converter box

I've had an RCA converter box for a long time, and it has always worked fine. The only problem was some of the buttons wore off on the remote, so I can't scan. The antenna is an old rabbit-ears style, but never had trouble with it either.

I watched t.v. late one night, unplugged as usual afterward, but when I turned it on the next night all there was was snow and the words 'no signal' on the bottom left-hand corner.
I know nothing whatsoever about electronics, and can't figure out why it worked fine one night and not at all the next night. The cord that goes from the converter box to the t.v. doesn't seem to fit tightly secure, never noticed that before, but if that's the problem I don't know what caused it.

Would anyone have info on this issue?

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Welcome, Sunkist

The "no signal" message is either coming from the TV tuner OR its coming from the converter box.
Since there was on-screen 'snow' I suspect it was a message from your TV.

You probably answered your own question: the coaxial cable connecting the converter box to your TV must have a tight, electrical connection. Since it is lose, you may have to replace the cable.

Next, look at the back side or bottom of your converter box to see what channel its output is set for: your TV tuner must be set for the same channel. Example --- the converter box and the TV tuner must both be on channel 3.

You said you unplugged the converter box: it is possible it managed to lose its memory of the channels it has been receiving. Once you have fixed or replaced the coax and verified both units are on the same channel, you should see the entire menu of functions available and you could try a 'scan for channels' or 'add-channels' scan. Photos of RCA remote controls and on-screen help photos are available online, so even with worn buttons you should be able to figure out the process.

The best choice would be to retire your old energy hog TV and buy a new flat screen with its own tuner.


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