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This question is about "Problems activating customer-owned modems", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hi,
I've been using a customer-owned modem in Austin on TWC for years without issues (well, aside from the IPv6 SB6183 issues that were only recently resolved with a new firmware rollout).

Several weeks ago (coincidental with some of the Spectrum switchover), my Motorola MB7420 (16x4) simply stopped passing traffic one night around midnight (even though it still lights up blue). After talking with tech support, they couldn't find any issues, and told me it must be my modem.

I quickly bought a brand new SB6183 (since I was told the new IPv6-capable firmware was about to roll out) and tried it out. When connected to the cable and powered up, it quickly connected up to TWC's network, my router got a public IP, and I can connect to the self-provisioning page (and only that page), although it seems it now simply prompts you to call Spectrum to activate over the phone. Where it gets interesting though is that after being activated, the modem simply goes into a reboot loop. Checking the log files, it seems the modem downloads its configuration, then gets denied access to the network and reboots. If it is removed from my account, it stops rebooting and connects just fine to the self-provisioning page again.

After seeing this behavior, I went back to the Motorola modem and saw it had the same behavior of working fine in unprovisioned mode, but becoming unresponsive when actually activated (though it doesn't reboot).

I've since spent over 10hrs on the phone with support, had a very stumped technician over at my house, and have had tickets bounced around in Tier 3 for weeks now without a resolution. I've been told by some advanced support people that this is a known issue affecting a small number of customers, but others have said they have no knowledge of this. In the meantime I have been using a TWC-leased Arris modem that works just fine, but obviously by continuing with this I'm out both the cost of the two purchased modems and the monthly rental fee. Out of principle I refuse to pay more money when I should have the option to use my own modem that I already spent money on.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this escalated to the right people to get it resolved?


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