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I Just purchased an HDview360 by Antennacraft. I am receiving every channel that my TV fool report says I should EXCEPT ABC. Help!

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You must have a good location it amazes me that you are receiving any vhf signals from over 60 mile away with the antenna you have chosen. The ABC station in your area is on real channel 5 a lo band vhf channel. Antennacraft only claims 20 miles range for that antenna on channels 2-6. While most antenna mileage claims are pure nonsense. Antennacraft is a reputable company. To receive channel 5 you will need a large lo band vhf antenna. Both Antennacraft, and Winegard build antennas that cover lo vhf real channels 2-6. If you want channel 5 you will probably need to put a large amount of aluminum in the air.


Those antennas are complete garbage for VHF-Lo (might work for VHF-Hi). I had a similar omnidirectional antenna like that in the pre-transitional digital days, & could not pick up my local CBS station on RF 3 from 30 miles away. The old fashioned element antennas that are optimized for 2-13 are the only way to pick up anything on 2-6. I learned that when I got around to hooking up my original antenna that was optimized for 2-69, & got my CBS station on RF 3 (they're now on RF 12).

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I'm shooting from the hip ... I wonder if he made a single element dipole cut to Channel 5 and combined it with his current antenna using a UVSJ, if that might work. There are no other competing VHF signals to worry about.

I ran the math and the total width of the elements (not including a center gap) would be 72.5" wide, but two standard 36" (3 foot) lengths of aluminum rod or tubing would work fine.