Problems with channels on frequency 153.000 - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Problems with channels on frequency 153.000", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. I had 2 TVs, one DVR and one DTA, and didn't notice any problems. Then I added a third TV with DTA replacing the input 2-way splitter with a 3-way (Ideal 85-333). No problem with the DVR TV but I noticed that I had to set the DTA for the 2nd TV to automatic or 720p rather than 1080 or channel 6 would flash periodically. On the 3rd TV which has the longest run, I can't use any of the 4 channels that use freq 153.000. I get constant service outage messages. All other channels work perfectly. I looked at the DTA diagnostics when on channel 6 and saw the power level alternating between -1.70 and 49.30 and the signal to noise ratio between 37.1 and 4 million. I tried a BAMF splitter which I knew had a balanced output of 5.5db per port and then had pixelation on the other two TVs so I put the Ideal splitter back in. Why am I having a problem just this frequency?

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