Evaluation: Product WARNING, NTE U-105 rotor : Garbage!


Just wanted to give the users here a heads up on this piece of junk. SAVE YOUR MONEY!

Manufactured 2/09 installed 5/09, GEARS NOW SHOT! Current production, I see them advertised all over the net. (About 60-70$)
It appears the motor is a clock motor, (still works fine) VERY small, unimpressive gears, the 2nd gear, the one driven by this clock motor is stripped. The entire inside gear box is rusty, and the depreciated gear (the small one on the 2nd gear) looks to be a beryllium phosphor bronze, as the remains are reddish. The weather abatement gasket on top leaked like a sieve. The antenna froze up (as in ICE) several times over the 2 years it was in service.

Now before you go and say oh he's just an unlucky one, let me give you some background. I'm a ham radio operator, and have serviced and installed rotors for over 40 years, from the bigger ones, like a HAM-M (not in production any more) to the much smaller clickers, like the old CDE models. I have one of these up, turning an 11 element 2 meter beam, and 440 mhz beam and its worked for me since 1974 when I put it up. (Much larger wind load than my TV setup). Replaced a capacitor, that's expectable, but it still turns, winter or summer (I'm on the great lakes, where we HAVE winter)

When the NTE arrived, all the bolts were loose, so I took it apart, wanting to get the most life out of it, and carefully lubricated everything in there with waterproof 208 grease, (Recommended for wheel bearings, and 4x4 universals, good stuff)
I certainly expect more life expectancy out of a rotor than 2 years, and so do you. Nothing's made here in the US any more it appears, Alliance, CDE, and others are gone now, and this is the trash we have to take from China and the other slave-wage countries, while we sacrifice OUR jobs to them. Grrr..

Well, please don't make the mistake of wasting your money on these POS U-105's. this is a warning. NO repair parts are available, of course, I looked all over the web.

have a happy holiday, and good luck getting a decent rotor. I thought this would be a good place to raise the alarm, hopefully saving someone some grief.
Thanks and good reception to you all.
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Sorry to hear about this, I've heard reports that new rotors are poor design and quality many with plastic gears.

I don't own a rotor, but if I ever do get one, it will be one that has been sitting on a roof or in a garage for years!

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:welcome: Egor,

Excellent post/topic. Can you add photos to your post?

I have several Alliance rotors in storage because they have metal gears as well as an ancient Cornell Dublier that is bulletproof. It turned a 3-element 10 meter Yagi for me for years without the slightest complaint, even when my Alliance rotors were 'frozen' by extreme weather.

73, Jim