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Many times I have set up a recording of a program, but because the program is delayed the recording starts at the original program time but loses the ending of the program. For example, if a program is 60 minutes and the recording is set for that program if it is delayed for 35 minutes, the recording will start too early and it will only record 25 minutes of the program since the beginning of the recording will be of a show that ran too long. This happens many times for programs following some ball games.

Is there some way a programmer can write code so that the recording is automatically adjusted when this happens. I assume each program has some heading that could be read by a program. If the program follows a football game all I have been able to do is set up the recording to start at the scheduled time and continue for the longest time given or do a manual set up by setting up a start time and an end time to try to catch the entire program.

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