Program Ratings & Rankings 2011-2012 Week 24


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Week 24: February 27 – March 4, 2012

•Nationally, Broadcast took 99 of the top 100 Adult 25-54 programs (S/O-S/O) in Week 24.
•American Idol took the top 3 spots with a 7.2 RA25-54 (Thursday), 6.6 RA25-54 (Wednesday) and 6.5 RA25-54 (Tuesday). The Voice came in fourth with a 6.1 RA25-54.
•Cable's highest rated show, WWE Entertainment, came in at #74 delivering a 1.8 RA25-54.
•Market of the Week: Tampa-St. Petersburg. FOX's American Idol and The Daytona 500 took the top five spots in Tampa for the week.
•Program of the Week: The Daytona 500 delivered a 5.7 RA25-54 nationally, with local markets as high as 121% greater than the national delivery.
•Social Program of the Week: According to Mashable, The Daytona 500 on February 27th took the top spot for the week with 1.3 million social media mentions.
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Three cheers for NASCAR! LOL They were pretty happy with their ratings success. I haven't heard how the last two races have gone, though. As for Idol, I have definitely cured myself of that program. Other than the first 2 or 3 audition shows last year, I haven't watched since. The Voice is so much better.

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