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As of January 1st when NBC switched locations on the Boston Area Guide Channels List from 807 to 810, I am unable to DVR all episodes feature for NBC TV series shows that were formally on channel 807 and are now on 810. I can only record Just This Episode Option and have the correct Station channel location, #810, NBCHD. If I choose the option All Episodes, the Confirm Window shows the following: Record: New Episodes only (default setting and my choice). Channels: WHDHD Only. (The Former Station location, #807, before January 1, 2017), HD only, SD only. Apparently, Comcast Program Guide Department has not reprogrammed the new corrected Channel Station Location for All the NBC TV Shows that existed before the switch for their new Channel Location #810 under Record All Episodes Feature. I have called Xfinity Customer Service four times since January 3rd. The first two times the Customer Service Representative were unable to understand the issue. The last two calls, the Representative did, but the NBC Program Guide issue still exist as of January 17, 2017. Maybe, Tom Karinshak, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Comcast, will see this post or someone from his team, so I can have the "Best Customer Experience " that he speak about in his Corporate Website message.

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