Programming notices for January - DirecTV

Notice Appearing in USA Today on January 17, 2017

December 2016:
Effective in December 2016, in Wisconsin, in the Madison area, WBUW and WBUWHD on channel 57 and channel 1057 in HD rebranded to WIFS and WIFSHD.

January 2017:
Per notice received from the programmer on January 4, 2017, in California, in the Sacramento area, the programmer is no longer transmitting KSTV on channel 24 and channel 3019 effective January 1, 2017.

Effective January 1, 2017, in California, in the San Francisco area, KTNC and KTNCHD (channel 42 and 1042 in HD) changed from Azteca to (IND).

February 2017:
Effective on, or after, February 18, 2017, FM on channel 535 and channel 1535 in HD, may no longer be available in the U200 package.

March 2017:
AT&T's contract with the programmer for the following channels is set to expire. While these channels will continue to be available to U-verse members so long as AT&T has the rights to carry them, if a reasonable agreement cannot be reached with the programmer the programming will no longer be available. AT&T may modify the channel location for the programming by moving them from their current channel location to a channel between 9501 – 9599, and if a reasonable longer term agreement cannot be reached with the programmers, we may lose the rights to carry them (listed in alphabetical order) in or after March 2017: MegaTV (channel 3008), MGM HD (channel 1116 in HD), V-Me (channel 3015), and V-Me Kids (channel 3058).
As well as the following local channels: 1) In Kentucky, in the Louisville area, WBKI (channel 28 and 1028 in HD); 2) In Florida, in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale areas, WSBS (channel 22 and 1022 in HD); 3) In Mississippi, in the Jackson area, WLOO (channel 35 and 1035 in HD); 4) In North Carolina, in the Greensboro-Winston-Salem areas, WCWG (channel 20 and 1020 in HD); 5) In Tennessee, in the Knoxville area, WKNX (channel 7 and 1007 in HD); 6) In Texas, in the Houston area, KTBU (channel 55 AND 3008).
As well as NESN (channel 1711), which was previously noticed in October 2016.

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