Programming Toshiba DVD/VCR Player/Recorder


Two months ago I purchased a combination (not by choice) Toshiba DVD Video Player/Video Cassette Recorder mainly to tape certain TV programs if I am not going to be at home. This is a tunerless contraption and I think I finally figured out how to set the time for beginning/ending of a recording, BUT: how do I enter in the TV channel number I want to record? As an example: I want to record channel 7 at 12:00 noon and end it at 1:00 - but all I see is choosing a "program number ", which means to me that if I have chosen to record 5 other programs, for instance, the first available number to "program" and which is flashing is number 6. This is all Greek to me - what am I not getting? How do I tell this thing I want to record channel 7? Manuals are all written as if we know something they are leaving out. I need a manual for dummies!

Earlier this year, Mediacom installed a cable converter box in our apts. and I have a new digital TV so everything is set to go, but I just have not figured out how to set this recorder to the correct channel I want to record. I guess I should have purchased a more expensive recorder with a tuner, but too late now. Help! Thanks...
Might be tough to do since your cable converter will be the device that will have to change the channel. What model # is the Toshiba and model # on the mediacom box?


The Toshiba is Model No. SD-V296 and the cable converter box is Model No. DCT 700/US
Just found the manual on the DCT 700/US here. Because your DVD/VCR recorded is not using it's own tuner, it has no "way" of chaning channels on your DCT700. Also the DCT700 does not offer any kind of automated channel changing feature either, so the only thing you'll be able to do is setup how long you want to record with your DVD/VCR recorder, and manually change the channel on the DCT700. :(

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