Projection Screen Big Screen Magnavox

Analog only, but that's an easy fix, the local thrift stores are getting these in by the 10s what with the DTV transition having people wonder if they need a new TV, but i wonder something.

There's one there now for (get this) $20!!!! it's a little bit newer than a TouchTune (early 1980s) because it bears very similar On Screen Display but instead of the channel flying away like the TouchTunes, it only 'fades' out but the clock/channel is the same. great sound, but....

TERRIBLE VIDEO!!! the tubes are all apparently good, as the color and convergence (oddly enough, user-adjustable by tube on the menu) are spot on, but the video is hazy so bad that it is only able to be viewed (barely) in the center. direct center. it's so out of focus it's sad. the brightness appears ok and i'd like to buy this TV, as it's a 36" big screen, but how does one get rid of the haziness??? i've seen one of these inside and i'm seriously not wanting to have to take it apart, but i do know that there's three picture tubes (one for each color) and a mirror. is it possible that over time the mirrors are simply dirty? that would explain the bad screen quality...

The best description of it is like you're viewing it through a pair of glasses that aren't prescribed for you. all blurry/foggy and hardly sharp.
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this was a stupid used TV. it had bad video and i didn't go through with it because i don't know how to adjust projection screens. i googled it and apparently it's not fixable without three new tubes.
it was made in the mid-1980s, Magnavox 3x inches. widescreen.

It was priced at $20 but i only know how to adjust regular CRT TVs. when Big Screen rear Projection TVs go like this the 'fluid' in the tubes is drying out, meaning the cost to fix it would probably buy me a new HDTV with similar screen size. all the color (red, green, blue) was there, convergence was ok from what i could get from the main menu, but it was terrible focus and blurry. you could only see what was going on from the center. about 2"+ from that it was non-watchable. (it was hooked to cable at the store)

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