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hello everyone: i recently purchased a philips home theatre with DVD player built in, well now have some problems playing mp3 and some videos recorded from my dvd recorder , the front speakers sounds distortioned and another times just not sound only the central sounds on Multichannel mode and on stereo sound normal, my question is the problem is by the sound source or is the receiver that is having problems? the DVD that have recorded are on dolby 2, just is strange because should sound the front speakers too all the time.

well of anyway my system is a Philips HTS3510/12

well any answer would be welcome.


It's probably the way the disc's are being recorded. I have a pioneer system and my recorded mp3's sound as you describe when i have it set to prologic, i change the setting to just plain surround sound or to studio sound and they sound fine. I believe for a disc to play properly in the prologic mode it must be professionally recorded in that format to play back correctly.


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well i tried with some dolby demos and dolby prologic demo and works fine, also tried some DVD that have recorded and are ok, seem that the channel of movies are ok for the prologic one maybe the problem is that the MP3 are encoded on joint stereo and not in stereo so the dolby prologic maybe not work on mono sources and just works on stereo sources.

MP3 Joint Stereo Encoding

i found this on wikipedia

Dolby Pro Logic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

the matrices used for the encoding just interesting.
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