Promised Gift Card - DirecTV DVR

For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, Promised Gift Card The reps and so called managers at U-verse are horrible and have no customer service nor do they care about your issues you are just a number. I was promised a $100 gift card after 30 days of service and never received it. So I called to claim it and magically was told it expired and I would not get the gift card. I stated I was never told I had to do anything it would just be mailed to me. The "so call manager" said I was suppose to get an email which I never received and asked her to prove to me that AT&T sent the email she stated I'm sure they did but I can't help you! That's how an AT&T customer gets treated after 18 years of service!!!!??? That proves that many employees do not care cuz I spoke with about 10 and no one tried to help the situation out. I will be canceling my service and I will tell everyone I know to go elsewhere for tv service and they say they will be treated when they have a problem.