Property Damage Claim - Water line - DirecTV

I have read a few posts here about property damage going unresolved for some time, but after reaching out to different departments it appears I am still stuck. I was having an install on 11/26/16 and the technician hit my water line underneath my sidewalk while drilling for the connection. The technician assured me that I would receive a call about a claim, and honestly he was quite apologetic and sincere. After not receiving a call I called AT&T and they said there was no claim, but they created one for me. Since then Sedgwick has contacted me once to get information about the claim. Since then, I have gotten a quote from a plumber to repair the damage($1,600 mind you), but the adjuster told me that they cannot move forward without the technicians info. I actually gave that info to the adjuster 2 weeks ago, but I have not been able to get in contact with them since. Calling AT&T does not appear to help, as they do not process claims, they simply can see them on the account, and calling Sedgwick has not helped either.. Because they won't answer their phone. Is there any way other than complaining to the BBB to get this resolved?

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