Proscan Code PLDED4016A? - DirecTV

I am looking for any help with the code for the Proscan TV (PLDED4016A) I just got it a few days ago and there is nothing more frustrating than to have to use 2 remotes to operate it! I have been through this forum and many others. I have tried "scan", I have tried "settings", "program remote" my model number is in there but it doesnt work! I have tried "I dont know my code", I have tried 10000 along with dozens of others. I have the RC66RX remote, my directv receiver (H25) has just been upgraded two days ago as well. So I am working with all brand new equipment and nothing.
Could this be the problem? I will not give up until I figure this out or more likely when someone comes up with the code! I have tried RCA programable remote, I have tried logitech harmony remote. PLEASE help! I am savy with a remote I am the family guru when it comes to programming remotes.

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