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In November, I filed a claim for a television that was making a popping noise and was dark on the bottom corners. After being contacted by the repair facility, they asked me to take pictures of the bad spots on the T.V. and take a picture of the model number and serial number. After viewing the pictures they said they ordered parts to repair the TV. Fast forward 2 more weeks, no technician has been to look at my TV. and no parts have arrived. By this point the TV will no longer even come on. I called them to inform the repair facility of the new problem. They told me they would probably just replace it now. Over the next weekend we decidid to move anot her tv to that location and when we tried to take the TV off the wall above the fireplace, we actually dropped it. That was our fault not Directv. However when I called in and told the technician that I had dropped the TV, he just said it didn't matter to him, he would get paid anyway. I was refunded my deductible. When I called in to somewhat com plain about the repair facility never even coming to look at my TV, the representative from the Protection Plan said they had no control over the repair facility that is working on the TV. If that's the case, why are they picking the repair facility that we have to use. I have been a good customer, but the representative' s response made me realize that I really did not need a product that the company could not stand behind. I am now looking at other options for my satellite provider and Directv should really rethink how the Protection PLan representatives word their responses.

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