ps3 is really better than xbox360?

I've had an XBOX 360 for over 2 years now and love it for playing games. I just wish that it wasn't so noisy. That fan is kinda loud. Some budy suggest me to get a ps3 instead that may be better than XBOX360.but the question is where should I buy it from? Will Have a good quality and a reasonable price?
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Hmmmm... to be honest I'm not sure if you should change.
when you said that the x360 is noisy are you talking about the sound from the fans or the disk?

in both cases you could fix them.


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Looks like a spammer that posted the original question. Oh well, just in case it's not, I'd say both PS3 and the XBOX are equal in terms of graphics quality if you're using a TV capable of 1080i or less. Reliability is about the same between both console systems. If you're really worried about reliability, buy from Price Costco. They have a 90 day return policy on electronics, plus you get Sony's warranty too.
Which system? Depends on game choice.

I think the systems are pretty equal in terms of reliability and quality of picture. The real preference would be which games you want to play most, as popular games are exclusive to one system or the other.
I have all three major consoles, but I am most loyal to my 360, no contest. It's because of the achievements...I know the PS3 has trophies, but they're just not the same!


One thing positive going for ps3 is the the ability to play blu ray videos and Sony is packaging it together with some of their television models. Other than that, both more or less are on the same level.


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PS3 can play PS1 and PS2 games - IF you get the early models (60 gig or before). Sony removed the hardware to support older games in a cost cutting move. The newer consoles will play very few older games. (this is why a USED 60 gb PS3 costs more than a NEW 250 gb PS3)

PS3 has Blu-Ray, always a plus. I do think the PS3 graphics engine has an edge over the Xbox, but at this level it's not really noticable.
Even I think that both PS3 and Xbox 360 are equivalently good. Both the consoles are reliable. It completely depends on one's choice of games which console to buy. And to buy one, i'l suggest you to go to Overstock. It delivers reliable products at discounted rates.
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