Pull MTV - DirecTV

Recently MTV posted a racist video to their website. The video attacks white people as well as police officers, and due to backlash was pulled down hours after it was posted. MTV is now trying frantically to pull the video from youtube as well as other websites. I do not get offended. However being a WHITE POLICE OFFICER, as well as someone who sees first hand the racial divide that has occurred in this county over the past 8 years, I will not stand for MTV's racist actions to further divide this country. I am asking, as a paying member to ATT, that you consider pulling MTV from your TV packages. The channel is barely watched as it is and is full of trashy shows that is not suitable for anyone under 15 or watched by anyone with an education level above a GED. What bothers me is that I am paying ATT good money every month, and ATT turns around and gives some of that money to MTV. I would highly urge ATT to remove MTV and distance itself from MTV's racist and anti-cop views. Thank you.

This question, "Pull MTV," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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