Purchased this dtv box 30 days ago

I've been looking everywhere online for some ideas on what to do because this converter box gets way too hot. I have it connected directly to my tv and it sits out in the open on the top of an entertainment cabinet. After a few hours of operation, this dtv box starts to display a pixelated picture. I've done a few tests such as turning off the box as soon as it happens and allowing it to cool, and then turning it back on, and it seems to run fine for a few hours until it gets too hot again. I'm almost certain it's a heat problem. Anyone else have any ideas.

Everything else with this converter seems fine, but the heat problem is definitely not good enough for me to want to keep it.


what is the brand name?

Most of these DTV converters are built cheaply, and use a single "all digital" or "secure digital" chip, which generates heat. Having low RAM, pushes the chip to work extra hard, adding to the heat factor. What makes the problem worse is that the manufacturers use poor thermally conductive adhesives for the heat sink. Double-stick tape and silicone glue can actually trap heat more than conduct it away, especially when it ages due to heat.