Putting your account on vacation hold can destroy DVR content - DirecTV

I put my DirecTV account on vacation hold for 30 days. AT&T deactivated my equipment during that time - but there's a glaring software bug in their system. DVR timers continue to churn away while an account is deactivated. They will record null / empty programming, using up your available DVR space. You'll see all of the recorded titles, but they're all null.
Worse yet, if your recording timer is set to a maximum number of episodes to keep, it will delete the older, valid content. So when you get back from vacation, you have a DVR full of empty titles, and all of your older content is gone!
DirecTV refuses to acknowledge this as a defect, and when I called to complain, they refused to compensate me in any way - other than a one-time $5 credit. They said I was irresponsible for not deleting all of my recording timers before going on vacation!
AT&T - do you treat all of your customers this way?

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