Qualcomm to release it's own mobile FLO TV device


Leaked to today at: Qualcomm readying handheld FLO TV Personal Television device - gdgt

This blog speculates,

It seems that Qualcomm have grown tired of waiting for other manufacturers to support FLO TV in their mobile devices – some cellphones do feature the technology, but take-up has been comparatively slow – and instead are pushing the system with their own reference device. No word on launch schedule or pricing, but it’s likely that we could see a working model at CES 2010.
Is it just me here, does it seem like ATSC-M/H has a chance if other manufactures and mobile carriers aren't adding FLO to their phones yet?


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How far is FloTV rolled out? I don't know, but I think the how ready Sprint is/was to roll out a G4 network and FloTV being in place only delayed by the Obama delay on the transition is a lot of cheap smoke.

This will make the third grab of public domain frequencies, some corporation or group of corporations just had to have, could not wait, already invested, build, erected and all that was left was to throw the switch so they could use the frequency just part of the trumped up crap to get frequencies out of the public domain.

So am I surprised that 7 months after the original transition date where they were crying like babies they could not use the channels until June now looks like smoke and mirrors.

Taken again.