Quality of PlayOn streaming on a bigger HDTV?


[FONT=&quot]What quality are the recordings in? For example if it records the via streaming player on a PC and you play it back on and 60 inch TV is the quality OK? Wasn't sure if you could control super HD recordings for Netflix etc. What is the resolution of output to the HDTV?[/FONT]
I just subscribed to test the quality of the recorded video and max resolution I get from Netflix or any other channel I tried is 1280x720, even though my PC is capable of full HD all the time, and that's even with the app's System Check and the settings indicates HD. Is there a way to download full HD 1920x1080? Also, the downloaded file's bitrate is reported to be over 3,000 kbps, which should be good, but on playback it pixelates a lot, which at that bitrate doesn't make sense.
PlayOn supports recording in streaming in HD resolutions up to 720p. While there are certainly some exceptions, most content providers don't yet provide higher resolutions in a browser (which PlayOn uses). I've seen on different forum posts that PlayOn will be working on allowing for higher resolution recording, but at this time it just isn't possible. There's also the issue of bandwidth for storage and streaming to your TV for resolutions above 720p.
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