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I picked up one of these at the Goodwill (it was still sealed) for $5. So on that note, I had to try it out.

It's a tad smaller than what my first project would have been.

This is a bit of a review, not sure how to do such a review considering my experience. However, after goofing with my dipoles, and more than $5 alone in solder (lol) building my test antennas I would suggest this to anyone that has channels within 25 miles of them. As I am 35 miles away, 3 different directions. After switching out the antennas, I lost 2-3 channels from my biggest test antenna. However, I'm seeing some channels I had not gotten before popping up to a near usable state. This would have taken a lot of guess work out of OTA TV. I do think however these bigger, other brand antennas may be a better choice. For how small and nice this is, I'm happy about the $5 I spent to test it.

If your mind yearns for learning then go the "Build your own" way and give your mind, and yourself the gift of understanding. If nothing else, you will barely succeed, or just obtain simple channels close to you. Or you could be that one person to think of something so crazy and amazing that will defy the signal catching world. Design a catchers mitt if you will for your TV, catching every fastball thrown past you! ;)

None the less, just thought I'd throw out this review to see if others had Great, Good, Decent, or Poor results with this antenna model.

The only downfall is they claim to catch VHF signals, and well I don't have one close enough to me with enough power. In it's size, I'm skeptical of their VHF claim.

Gain: 5dB (Max)
VSWR: 3.0:1 (Avg)
Impedance: 75ohms
Polarization: Linear
Cable: 3C-2V (1.5M)
Connector: F/IEC (Really they have to state this?)
Dimensions: 8.25"x4.6"
Weight: 0.2 lbs (with the base) It's plastic, but has a suction cup style mounting system that uses a lever system to stick to the window via suction from the lever.

The covering on the antenna seems to peel away easily from itself, if you decide to! (I can see approx. 3/8" wide copper foil tape. I didn't look any further than the corner!

Oh, and for whatever reason the packaging states: Hecho en China (I was expecting Hecho en Mexico) Which Hecho = Made, and en = in, the rest is clear I hope lol.

Test monkey out,

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Promises claimed on a boxed antenna were decided in a boardroom (most likely in China) rather than in your neighborhood. Many engineered antenna designs from the 1920's and 1930's became standards are still used today. They work with predictable results.

If I bought a box of Kelloggs' Corn Flakes and it had a simple bow-tie antenna 'printed' on its back panel, I would try it and I would promote it for some to try. However, in my area it would be the 'wrong' antenna' for me and I think you have the wrong antenna/s for your situation.

Hey Kriss! I think the 5 dB max is dBi or "better than an isotropic" ideal antenna. A dipole is about 2.15 dBi, with the added advantage that you can adjust the length to match the frequency. Each 3 dB represents close to a doubling of "gain" (improved NM or "noise margin" -- logarithmic scale zzzzz...), so the Quantum FX is a little under twice as good as a dipole of the same size theoretically, which in turn is maybe 1.5 times as good as a paperclip.

By comparison, a good 4 bay bowtie antenna or Hoverman pulls about 12 dBi on average -- more for the higher frequencies. So that's at least16 times better than a paperclip. :first: In the digital world, that can mean many stations that will come in clear as crystal versus a blank screen -- but it all depends on location, location, location. So if you ever find a paperclip sized antenna that works better than a 4221HD -- at any location -- get a patent fast!

[edit:] I thought of a caveat. If you live literally next door to a broadcast tower -- talking feet away, not miles -- it's possible a strong signal could overload a tuner. I never heard of it happening in real life without artificial amplification, but it's possible, at least, for a paperclip to work better than a Hoverman.

At some point I think we have theory meeting practice. What Fringe said. (He hates it when I agree with him. :evil:)

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Hehe, I wasn't stating this will be my permanent antenna! :p However, if someone lived close to towers, it would work, but also hooking up a coax cable to my TV and holding it works well enough for my closest station! So with that being said, not much is being said! :p

Rick, your comparison to a paperclip, hey this thing has foil ( :deadhorse: )! lol My wife wanted me to just buy the Winegard Flat panel antenna, as it would be better than the QuantumFX I think, but unsure if it would achieve what my current project achieves (not even sure of what it does normally due to so much weather change). It's very frustrating to test an antenna indoors, especially with the above mentioned about weather.

As for the Max 5dB, I think it's better said that would be the case if you tape it to your head, this thing cuts out for 3-5 seconds every time a car goes by lol. If they do twice the speed limit it's 3 seconds! o_O


P.S. I didn't mean for a social bashing to occur on this poor little antenna, so my apologies to that Chinese company! Hehe
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