Question about a unique situation.


I have strangely wondered why my Antenna's facing north would pull in signals East and West, and even South-West. I think I may have stumbled upon an explanation. As it is very very particular on placement when I face it north, however signals are near equal. I have decided to look in the LOS of where my antenna likes to face tilted up about 20-30 degree's, center of the window, a tad to the left 5-10 degree's off the north path. There in the path is the town's water tower! Sadly, they are about to tear it down (lol just my luck), as they are building a new/bigger one! This is an old big metal drum style with the Chinese hat looking top.

Could this be the reasoning for my unique situation in getting East to West reception from my north facing antenna? Southwest stations come in too, but they are predominately weaker (yet the one is one of my favorites, and south of me is covered with tree's :\ ).

Also, if this is the case, would this be considered refraction or ??? I understand there is no 100% assumption, any thoughts are appreciated. I can conclude if and when they do tear down the old water tower! When they do tear it down, I'll either lose my strong signals, or lose my multipath focal points that I'm currently using! lol


Other info: TV Fool

Currently using a 1-bay 10" Triangle Dipole (12" spans from tip to tip) achieving RF Channels: 33, 38, 39 (From S.W.), 45, 28, 16 (but not 10 or 13 as it's low power VHF-Hi, from the east, not sure this setup accepts VHF), 32 (from west) My TV has info from seeing 14 ONCE! :\

Not really listed in TV fool unless you choose pending channels, 20, 25, 22 (analog), 36 (analog and a lot of static), 19, 41. At night I can easily watch 20, 25, and 22 (but recently I've found 22 is analog of channel 20, I guess maybe they are still in transition).

Also I can achieve 23 with the simplest antenna. I'd like to get 49 and 14 reliably, and my antenna is not 30' above ground, but that's where I plan to be when I can afford to do so, or if I can finish my current project that will maybe be close to 30 feet up. I don't need the Canadian Channels, unless I get bored of American TV lol.

Current project consists of the above mentions, except 3 or 4 bay version, probably no reflector considering my situation. Feel free to reply for 1 part or as many as you like. Mostly I just got caught up in typing and my main question is the 1st part. Just trying to explain a bit.

Thanks a bunch,
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