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So I’ve had my xfinity network for a couple days now. Since I got everything connected up until now...on the app under where it shows your connected devices it had the names of the devices listed. An example my iPhone is name Johns-phone & my television is a 32 inch Roku tv. Up until just now. They’ve been listed as such under the connected devices. Johns-phone, 32”roku. So I just got on a couple of minutes ago and for some reason they all read differently. I have done nothing to change this and just don’t understand what could have made them appear differently. I’m asking because I’ve had concerns of my neighbors in the past hacking into my information. The devices now list as this instead: Apple513-E &
Like I said I have done nothing to change this setting and am just concerned as to why it would do that. Thanks!

This question, "Question about device names," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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