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Hi, Our existing HR-34 Genie is appearing to be dying. All sorts of freezes from a few seconds here or there to freezing for hours while you're away thinking a program is being recorded only to find out your recording stopped at the freeze point. I've told my wife we will be losing all our stored programming if we have to get a new DVR (she has a lot that she's not seen) so she's been trying to binge watch some of that stuff. Thus the reason I've held off calling Directv to this point. I will call them soon and I've heard there might be some diagnostics that might or might not help (or might kill everything??). Anyway, I pay a healthy sum to Directv each month. I've always been somewhat frustrated that you receive refurbed DVR's that might or might not be better than what you are trying to replace. And no, I don't pay for the equipment guarantee deal. I've never understood how that makes more sense than just paying the what, $20, for having a refurbed DVR dropped on your doorstep???

But my real question is about another option I have and that is (correct me if I'm wrong) to be able to go to a third party and buy a new DVR (or is it just refurbed too???) But at least I would get to choose the model number (HR34, 44 or 54). I would like to get a 54 if I'm going to go to all this trouble as typically the newer hardware has at least as much if not more capability. And I don't want another 34.

Here's the question. We have this HR34 and one Genie mini (C31) in another room. We also have an older, stand alone HR22 that uses up two SAT channels if I recall. When our system was installed in our home two years ago, I'm pretty sure the SWM capability was for 8 total channels. If I were to get an HR54 which I believe uses 7 SWM channels if fully deployed (??), that plus my HR22 would use a total of 9. Would I be able to hook that up, the HR54 and the HR22 with my current SWM capability and just be less one tuner capability or would the system simply not work unless and until someone came to increase our SWM capability??? And would that just an in the house switch change or does that require work on the LNB of the dish as well???

Any help would be much appreciated. thanks

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