Question: Baltimore Area Antenna Recommendations

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Hi, I don't watch a whole lot of broadcast TV and I've just canceled my TV service. Most of my viewing is streaming and the like, but I'd like to maintain access to my local channels via an antenna. I'm also on free trial of DirecTV Now which will supplement the OTA feed.

I live in a rancher at the bottom of a small, gradual ridge with almost all of the local channels broadcast from a single antenna approximately 8.5 miles away. I'm looking for an attic mounted antenna that will meet my needs.

I plan to bring my OTA feed in through a Silicondust Connect where it will be distributed over Ethernet to my devices.

Thank you all very much for your time.

What is your primary objective (check the line applicable) :
I want as many as I can reasonably get

I'm giving DirecTV Now a try for a cable substitute and I'm mostly just concerned about OTA for my local stations.

Main Assembly:
What kind of Terrestrial Antenna do you presently have:
(Make/Model/None): Currently none, looking for recommendation.

Is the Antenna to be/or installed:
Attic (anticipated)

If in Attic, Roof or outside separate Mast/Pole:
How high above ground is your Antenna installed/proposed:
Approximately 15 ft.

Do you have an Antenna Rotator:
None currently

Are you presently using a Pre-Amplifier:
None currently

How many linear Cable feet is it between your Antenna and the most far TV:
Approximately 30 ft

How many TV sets will be/are presently being used, on this system:
1 (Silicondust Connect)

How many Splitters are in use in your system:
Currently none

Are you using a Distribution Amplifier:
Currently none

Additional Information:
Are you/do you plan to integrate Cable or Satellite Services with this system:
Yes, DirecTV Now

Is there anything else you would like to provide concerning construction, obstructions or geographical issues?
I'm hoping for an attic installation. The direction of the nearest station cluster from my house should have the antenna pointed through the vinyl siding on the gable, not the asphalt shingles.
Thank you very much for the reply.

Roof mounting is pretty much out for neighborhood aesthetic reasons and it's a battle I don't really want to fight. Do you think I'd have any luck picking up the DC stations by mounting one of the Winegard antennas in my attic?
Pretty much everything is 2-edge for Baltimore. That means your signal will be more difficult to pick up at higher frequencies, but the power of the stations should be strong enough that even a set of rabbit ears should pick up all your major Baltimore broadcast stations, though the video stream quality might be poor. Your reception is 2-edge, so a directional antenna will be better. Make sure it's a dual-band antenna (VHF-hi and UHF) so that you don't have difficulty picking up NBC. Most (but not all) modern antennas are in this dual-band configuration.

The DC stations are over 40 miles away and their signals are much weaker. Attic mounting an antenna probably won't be very effective unless it's a large, high-gain unit. Then again, you might get lucky. If I were in your place, I'd focus on getting the Baltimore stations and hope for the best from DC.


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If a large Winegard antenna fits in your attic, and you can point it toward 220 degrees magnetic, you may be able to get the D.C. stations from within your attic. Your locals seem to be easy to pick up.
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