Questionable DTV Package


Because I am low income. I subscribe to the lowest tier available from Comcast, [ I live in Central Vt.]. The cost has already been questionable , for what I receive. Now, I am finding Comcast is moving two of my channels[ effective 7/15/08], not replacing them with another channel & NOT reducing the bill. The only way I could continue to receive one of the channels is to RENT from Comcast a set-top converter box @ $3.95 per mo. The only way to continue getting the other channel is to- both rent the previously refenced box AND move to a higher [$$] subscription package !!! I will be going without TV. as I cannot receive anything ” over air” at the present. I do not watch a lot of TV, BUT it is a source of entertainment & “company”, as I am disabled . I’m sure I am not alone. This is NOT A GOOD deal for the average consumer.


our cable company kept telling us we did’nt have to do anything for the change to digital. Now we have to get a box for each TV and we can’t buy it we have to rent it every month, that alone is 48.00 before we pick out a group of stations we want. that is 30.00 & up to over a Hundred. We also are told we cannot use the Gov. boxes. It looks like the seniors on small pays do with out. Thanks again for nothing!