R-15 not recording - DirecTV DVR

For R-15 not recording, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. I have had mine for a couple of weeks and except for the remote not responding at times and the first run feature not working I have been happy with it. The last couple of days though I have programs that show they are going to record in the guide but they aren't in my to do list and they don't record. My local news was one so I tried unsetting it and then resetting it to record. If I do that everyday it works and now it won't let me set it to record all shows. I had Desperate Housewives set to record and it didn't go so I had to set it manually. Now I am watching to make sure Grey's Anatomy will record but I doubt it will. I rebooted a couple of times a few days ago as I was having problems with my guide not having the programs. I am use to setting my favorites to record and not have to worry about them so this is the pits!