For R10 RECEIVER TO DVD, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. What equipment would everyone be using?
I borrowed a Sony VRD-VC10 from a friend of
mine and so far it has been working out pretty well.
It's just like a VHS recorder, easy to use and I just
zip thru the commercials to save time.
Looked at the various top of the line DVD recorders/
VHS player/recorders and for anywhere from over $200
to about $400 you can get one, but being unable to
hook it up to your computer seems like a fancy paper
weight to me.
Right now, Sony has the upgraded VRD-VC20 and I'm
thinking long and hard on that one. At least I can move
the unit (it's not big at all) and hook it up into the computer
for further editing and such not to mention putting
various computer type programs on DVD. Seems like
the best of both worlds for the money. Sure it probably
will not burn at the speed of heat, but at least it's
something a tad better than an expensive DVD/VHS
Just a recording option to look at.