R15 Issues (venting) - DirecTV DVR

For R15 Issues (venting), relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. I have had the following "issues" with my R15, in each case I restarted the machine within a few days, and just recently a Reset to completely start over.to see if it would help....it hasn't

1. Fails to pause or rewind live TV. Despite watching the same channel for more than 15 minutes the Pause does not react at all, the Rew appears to go backa bout 2 seconds..The time bar looks like I just switched channels and that buffer is empty....Controls work on recorded programming just fine. This has happened twice.

2. Scheduled shows not recorded. This has happened repeatedly, I noticed a possible reason/cause of the issue. My DVR was suppossed to record '24' last night. just before 9pm, the "machine has to change channels to record '24'....."message came on screen. The TV was not on and noone was watching, but at 9:30 I turned on the TV to find the message still on my screen.,waiting for a response. I told it that is was ok to change the channel and it did and started recording '24 at that point (halfway into show).
I suspect this is what occurs the other times my shows that are scheduled do not record.

3. Looking at the guide, it said I would record all episodes of the "bachelor in paris". I figured I must have clicked a button accidentally. So I went to the show and tried to click the Record button to cycle back to record no episodes. THe DVR did nothing. SO I went to the Prioritzer. SURPRISE, it wasn't there either. Good News: it didn't record the show, I didnt want in the first place BAD NEWS: It said I had a conflict with a show I did want to record due to the bachelor and didn't record the one i wanted.

4. Some of my "Series Link" shows do not appear (see #2 for possible connection) to be recording each episode (even though on same channel) I do not limit episodes to less than 5 or request first run only, cause i do not trust the maching.

In addition, I find the menus to be difficult to navigate, the FF-REW buttons to be frustrating due to slow reaction time by the machine and the lack of the "reaction time" compensation of Tivo. Directv said in USATODAY that this was by choice, cause they don't want to read the customers mind. Brilliant move...

I also hate the inability to switch between tuners and that the remote's TV POWER button does not turn on/off the poweron the TV.Yes it is programmed for my TV, and yes it works when I slide the thing to TV, but why does this not button which is explicitly labeled TV POWER execute the POWER command on the TV the remote is programmed for???? (yes I know this is a remote not a dvr issue) In addition, after I slide the remote bar to TV and hit Power, the first time, I get a reminder on-screen that my remote is set to TV. So I have to actually hit it TWICE!!!! WHY? If the TV is already off, i can't see the message, if it's on and i accidentally turn it off, i don't disrupt any recording, so what is the purpose of this?

Whoever designed the R15 read the specs of a TIVO and tried to achieve the functionality, without ever using a TIVO..My Mom, possibly the most technologically illiterate person on the earth can use my TIVO ( i have 2-HDVR2), My 3 year old can use my TIVO. I never read the TIVO manual and my 3-year old can't read (or so i think) and he records all his favorite shows, and I have gone through the R15 manual 10 times And I still can't get the R15 to record 24 consistently......Nice!

Can someone please let me know what software upgrade was the last released and when the next is (tentatively) expected?