R15 Push Test? (and teeny rant) - DirecTV DVR

For R15 Push Test? (and teeny rant), relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. I came home to find my DVR giving me the message "Push Test PPV1 in progress.... please wait." After 20 min, I decided I really wanted to watch tv and not this message, so I turned off the DVR. BIG MISTAKE. The DVR would no longer respond to the remote, the buttons on the console, or even the reset button. The reset button would cause the Rec light to come on briefly, go off and the console would still not power up.

So I pulled the power for 1 min and that brought it back up. I do not understand the origin of the "Push Test PPV1" message. I was not ordering a PPV. Additionally, after the restart, my To Do list now lists 5 recordings that will take place simultaneously on 5 different channels at 7:30PM tonight. That's just plain wacky, not to mention impossible. Maybe it'll straighten itself out as the guide repopulates, but I've never seen this glitch before.

The rant part: I've waived my parents off on buying an R15 of their own despite the $100 deal. It's far too glitchy at the current software release to be tolerated by anyone other than a techy.