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An independent review of Rabbit TV
Jim, have you used Rabbit TV, personally? Can you recommend it on that basis? Have you read the link I provided above, and the Amazon / Walmart reviews?

How can a site named rabbittvreview.net conceivably be independent?? Somebody has to pay for that domain name, right? Where do you suppose they got the money??


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No, I have not tried it which is why I posted the links above. From the first link:

... "What Rabbit TV actually is a channel list, so that you can find the shows that are available free easier than ever before. If the Rabbit TV reviews were based on what this USB stick is actually designed to do rather than their own unrealistic expectations the reviews would probably be a whole lot better." ...



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rabbit tv is nothin more than a search engine, bout it and typed in a show and it took me to tvland and guess what tvland was not steaming the show currently. So yea rabbit tv may be worth ten dollars but dont over expect.