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The Mod Squad
The early word is that this service is about to expand to 80 channels but don't quote me on that. It will be available from the 118.7° orbital location. That is where Dish broadcasts international programming and if you have a basic Dish AT pack and / or HD service, you will need another dish.


The new target date is July 1, 2010. We will keep everyone posted if the situation changes. Here is how the transition will affect our subscribers:

When the time comes, it is up to each subscriber to contact DISH Network® about adding RTN to their current service, or, if not an existing DISH Network® subscriber, about getting service in order to continue receiving RTN. Subscribers will not be obligated to order additional channel packages. DISH Network® installation, equipment and service policies will apply.

Once the subscriber has RTN through DISH Network®, it is up to the subscriber to call RTN and cancel the original service. We will continue to bill at the $99.99/month rate until we are advised to disconnect. At that time, subscribers with the newer ADB or TRT receivers should ask us about our buy-back program. The program does not apply to the original Echostar 2700 and 2800 receivers.

RTN reserves the right to deny any delinquent account from receiving the service through DISH Network® until the balance is paid. We cannot intervene in the event of a previous subscriber billing dispute with DISH Network®.

RTN will provide a buffer period after DISH Network® begins to transmit the RTN signal, but we strongly advise that subscribers convert to the DISH Network® version as soon as possible in order to take advantage of the $50/month pricing.

We will be launching an internet and mobile phone version of RTN once the changeover is complete. Details will be announced by the end of the transition.

The RTN Customer Support Center's hours of operation are from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific time, 7 days a week. You can reach us by telephone at 866-2 SEE RTN (866-273-3786).
My local track, Monticello Raceway (channel 20) is in there but it's not worth $50 per month to me.


The Mod Squad
Today the RTN channels were uplinked (but not yet available to any subscribers) to the satellite at the 118° orbital position and there really are 80 of them. They have been assigned to channels 9701 through 9780.