Radio Shack preamp 15-321


I bought one of these maybe a year and a half ago and must admit it works really well and that's coming from a guy that also owns a CM7777 preamp. The 15-321 picks up the same channels channels as the CM7777 does plus the R.S. preamp includes two outputs to feed two tv sets and an adjustable gain control. Both nice features.

The specs
Frequency: 54 MHz to 806MHz
FM trap: >15db at 100MHz
Gain: 33dB typical
Noise Figure: 3.5dB typical

Here's the amp on the R.S. website...
RadioShack High-Gain HDTV-FM Signal Amplifier : Antenna Amplifiers |

Note that some recent reviewers have complained that their unit stopped working soon after purchasing or didn't work at all. Could be but mine has been up and running since late winter/early spring and and it's still going strong.

A bit pricier than the CM7777 but I'd still recommend it.
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