Random reception & pixelation - Columbus, Ohio


I installed one converter box a few days ago (on a tv without a VCR or DVD) and I am still working on installing another on a TV that utilizes a modulator.

On the TV that I have had successful installed the box, I am starting to have issues. Initially, I had a great picture on all channels (including chanels that I didn't have before). Since the installation, I started to have been pixelated pictures on some channels and a "no signal" message on a few channels. NBC and ABC have been the worst. Last night I didn't have a signal on either, however today I have a signal on ABC. NBC went from a great picture, to pixelated to no signal. ABC went from a great picture, to pixelated, to no signal and now it has a picture again.

Any suggestions?
Conveter box type, zip code, and antenna type would be nice to have, since it's hard to help out without the information on what you're using to pick these up.

However, if your stations are more tham 10 miles out, you're not going to do too well with an indoor antenna. even though DTV.gov claims it will work with existing analog equipment they miss the one point that with DTV reception if you're any distance away or have trees or hills, you will pretty much need an amplified (and recommended outdoor) antenna.