Random recording not set by us - DirecTV

Simce having U-verse for past 3 weeks i have notice about dozen random recordings on our list. Odd channels and times. No one in house set these. I mean who records an infomercial at 2:30 am on a channel we have never once gone to OR a C-SPAN segment at 1:30pm.

I see postings about these phantom recording since 2011 so I know I am not the only one. But the forum comments are no help. The examples they give are ridiculous. Like: I can guarantee no one in my house is playing a joke on me, no toddler playing with a remote. And if it was a neigjbor with U-verse crossing signals, then thats screwed up.

So AT&T, what the heck is up with the DVR recording random things on our own.

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