Random Signal Glitch - DirecTV

I'm a new DirecTV customer. Our primary receiver is a Genie with Genie Minis for the rest of the house. During our first week of viewing, my wife and I noticed the same small but annoying glitch in the signal. As we are watching a program, the screen freezes in silence for one to two seconds. Then the program resumes normally. Typically only a syllable or short word of the dialogue is missed, but sometimes a critical part of a scene is skipped, which causes the annoyance. Sometimes we can watch for an hour or two without a glitch. Other times it happens every four or five minutes. The glitch is observed on every TV in the house. I haven't studied the problem enough to determine if it occurs on all channels or just some. Anybody else out there have this problem? Any ideas about the cause, or a remedy?

This question, "Random Signal Glitch," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Hopefully this will fix the glitches

Try restarting your main box. Try checking all the cables especially the ones connected to main box. Call DTV and ask for help. You are paying for it.