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Late at night, I like to watch old clips of...

Was worried about where you were going with that one. :brushteeth:

uh, ok, here's my thought:

I don't understand why so many people think Rachel Ray is hot. She's cute, but technically, not hot. In my book.
Does anyone have a Fox affiliate which plays the movie 'Legend of the Seeker' every single sunday?! what the frak?!

Sunday is great, Saturday stinks until 7PM (Airwolf, Buck Rogers, BSG all original and all on RTV) Sunday gives me my Animation Domination with Family Guy, Simpsons, and American Dad. too bad WAZE is dead and gone otherwise i could see all three every weeknight.


Legend of the Seeker is a syndicated television series, not a movie. They're not playing the same thing week after week, but rather are playing (at this point, rerunning) the first season of the series, one episode per week.
It was a movie last i checked. they must've made a series from it but didn't quite over-promote it as they usually do.

I remember seeing the previews for it in theatres. oh well my mistake, i felt the same ignorance when they made a series from Stargate. took me a decade to realize it wasn't a movie sequel. i could've sworn then that 'Stargate SG-1' was the name of the film.
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