Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul


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Have either of these judges ever offered anything more than a layman's point of view on AI? I've always felt that even though Simon is very good at what he does in the industry, he looks like a genius compared to Randy and Paula because they just don't seem to have the chops to critique singers.

IMHO of course.


Judging is completely subjective, no matter what the content is. Randy Jacson and Paula do have experience in the music industry. Paula may not be a producer or in the record management business, but her opinions should be very valid for AI. Part of the chemistry that makes up AI is that all 3 of the judges come from different parts of the music industry.


Randy Jackson does have significant credentials, and does bring them to bear on his participation in the show. However, he tends to, perhaps deliberately, leave the much of the heavy lifting to Simon Cowell. Randy seems to be very concerned about how he is perceived.

Having said that, I don't see Randy often saying someone is good when they're not (which is something Paula has done frequently). He typically is just very subtle about his criticisms by comparison to Simon, saying something like, "It didn't do 'it' for me, dawg." I think it is important to understand what Randy is really saying with a statement like that -- essentially, "That was bad."

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