Randy Jackson was a part of the band Journey...


Randy never fails to mention that he once was in the band Journey, but I never bothered to really look into it and see what he did. Does anyone know exactly what he did with Journey? For some reason I think maybe he was a back up guitar player since I hear he's pretty good on the guitar.


Randy Jackson was a former Bass player and a backing vocals on the band Journey, first non-white member of Journey, and by the way he just stayed at the band for two years.(1985 to 1987)

hope that helped.:D


Awesome, thanks for the info. Any idea why he left?
The story started when Ross Valory and Steve Smith were fired from the band on the time they were recording the album "Raise on Radio", then here comes our dearest Randy Jackson:D together with Larrie Londin replacing Valory and Smith.

Randy Jackson didn't leave the band he was just hired to play on the "Raise on Radio" album together with Herbie Herbert.

Oh by the way if I'm wrong here kindly correct me.:)
Nice information. I had heard that he was with Journey for a few years but never really did the research to see when and for how long. Guess it wasn't that important for me. LOL

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