Randy Mantooth, Emergency!'s Prankster

I don't know much about these two men. But I would say even though I'm a fan of pranks. If I was to get pranked with a spider, it wouldn't be that funny anymore. Spiders are one the most ugliest ,creepy creatures ever created.


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oh Bob was a prankster, too, so no biggie. It just got his heart rate going fast for a bit. Years earlier when Bob was on Laramie, a crew person did something similar. It was an outdoor scene by a campfire with him and Rod Cameron. Youngins may not know who Rod is but he is a major player back in his day. He was a tall, big guy. Well, this scene is going on and Bob's doing his stuff when this spider is just lowered down in front of him. He literally jumped into Rod's arms! lol

Re: Emergency!, yeah, it was a great show and really did bunches to get the paramedic program on its feet. It's on my all time top 10 list, as is Laramie.

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