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I was here 5 months ago telling you guys how bad my connection sucks: http://forums.timewarnercable.com/t...ND-SLOW-INTERNET-CONNECTION/m-p/105849#M33066
The problem had nothing to do with my signal levels, they were all perfectly fine, okay. My connection sucks and I know it's just the ISP that sucks.
This magazine which actually tested ISPs for gamings found that TWC sucks all across the country. There is no fix for your garbage connection people, the ISP just sucks. Everything from streaming to gaming just sucks. Abysmal speeds and high latency. Call a TWC rep and they tell you nothing's wrong. Call a technician and they tell you nothing's wrong. Well they're right, nothing's wrong. The service just blows and there's nothing they will do about it. I pay a lot for this service and it's complete trash. There's a reason why Time Warner spun off Time Warner Cable and then Charter purchased Time Warner Cable and rebranded it to Spectrum. Because it sucks! Time Warner Cable is a nuisance in the business world and it's the worst service possible. It's name alone is bad for marketing purposes. I will be changing my service provider now.

End rant.

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